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We live sort of close to the park (about a 20 min walk) so during the summer the kids always want to go play/picnic there, and taking lunch or drinks was always difficult to do, with keeping them cool enough without carrying 5 kids lunch boxes or a bulky cooler, now I don’t have to worry I just put whatever we may need in this thermal tote and Know it’s going to stay cool enough on our outing!I’m already plotting it’s use for a trip to the zoo and hiking this summer too!They have so many options for each of their bags and they come out with so many beautiful fabrics as the seasons change!So, heres to hoping the Thirty One products make a big difference in your life!!

Have you ever wanted that new look for your room, but have no clue where to start?Being married to my wonderful husband for almost 10 years, we have grown into a wonderful family together and continue to enjoy life day to day.Being a stay at home mom has its challenges, just like any job, but when I came across Thirty One, their products have begun to make my life a little easier.Their products help me to organize my home, travel and daily life with the family.While doing so they are adorable and cute to carry around!

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