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People who said no chemistry on drama bc they dont care ab the BTS.

Indeed chemistry on BTS cant count as a chemistry on drama I'm so glad I discovered this drama!

For a show about dealing with the justice system and with a female lead who was supposed to have been made of steel, it's hard to believe that she was able to make the cut after a while. She was clearly just a level 4 taekwondo expert in her head.

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The chemistry between the two leads looked forced to me, didn't seem real. I like Ji-Chang-Wook he's consistent being a great actor, but Nam Ji-Hyun,i think she needs to improve her acting skills and speech. The drama is not perfect but the chemistry of the whole cast starting with the main couple until the lawyers' office with their messy meetings is the best. The story got draggy a littke but some of the quotes from the drama are so touching. Nam Ji Hyun is the one who made me interested to continue to watch after the first episode. As much as I enjoyed this ride, the missing details are so annoying.

Later that night, Bong-Hee goes to a nearby convenience store and when she returns to her apartment, she finds Hee-Joon stabbed to death.

Bong-Hee is arrested for his murder and Ji-Wook becomes the prosecutor in her murder case.

This is need an actress who looks rebel and strong character. And Ji chang wook, he is very good in all genre, but he is more fantastic in action genre.

nam Jihyun is not bad actress but she is too sweet for this role. Still no actor can replaced him for the action field.

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