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I watch your hips sway as you leave; a couple of guys try to get you to stay (so they can get in your pants). Your legs fly up and apart, the nightgown flies up and I am looking at a pretty, pink, completely shaved pussy. I tell you that I WILL be in the gang bang, I just want some time with you by myself and I want to be sure you are prepared to fuck six guys numerous times..mentally & physically.

You smile and let them down gently showing a lot of class. I notice you don't stop on my floor, but several floors below. For the next 15 minutes I go see the 5 guys you have picked. This incredibly hot blond with the hazel eyes wants to be in a gang bang. I can't see any moisture, but if there isn't any, I'll make sure there is some in a few moments. These guys just want to fuck; they won't care if you are wet or not unless it is uncomfortable for them.

You throw your arms around my neck and hug me, then look into my eyes..."ROGO, you have a deal. " We discus my plan which is for you to dance with as many men as you want and signal me which ones you want to join us.

I'll do the inviting; set the time and the ground rules.

I left the key chain & card out on purpose to help you." Then you really surprise me when you explain, "I thought I recognized you before you introduced yourself, and when you said ROGO, I was certain. Besides, you have on the same turtleneck and jacket as your Fling picture." I grin & say, "Well, I am glad you didn't have to recognize me from my butt shot. I lean into you and ask if you REALLY want to experience a gang bang.

You tell me it is a fantasy but you are a little nervous that it might get out of hand if some guys didn't behave or started treating you badly.

They take you to the dance floor and start to show you their moves.You grin & want to start the selection process right away.It doesn't take long before the younger men start sniffing around.I stood and introduced myself, "Miss, my name is ROGO.You are welcome to share my table, I won't be here long and then you'll have it to yourself." "Are you sure you don't mind? "No, I'd be delighted to share with a pretty young lady if you don't mind sitting with a senior statesman." She smiles, nods & I pull out her chair & order her some wine. We make enough small talk for her to know I am in the investment business and I learn she recruits medical personnel for a hospital out west. About then, Kassy returns and two young guys come ask her to dance, she begs off.

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