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However, in practice, calendar users are already familiar with thinking in terms of weeks, which lends itself directly to thinking in terms of a week-based numbering system. It is not expected that every 7date user would employ these arithmetic approaches; the point is instead that it is easier to work with exact week-based schedules in the 7date as opposed to the Gregorian calendar.

In other words, it is expected that the use of base-7 is more frightening than difficult to those new to it. Thus, a once-every-four-weeks schedule starting on 0. One advantage of the 7date calendar is that it coexists relatively well with the Gregorian calendar.

This can add an intimidation factor the adoption of the 7date calendar.They are unlikely to move away from the Gregorian calendar, or even to consider alternatives to it.Because of this, it is suggested that the numbered day terms (0-day, 1-day, etc.) remain unsynchronized with traditional day-of-week names (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). In other words, once a year, a 0-day or 1-day is followed immediately by a 0-day.However, this is a necessary disadvantage to any significant improvement on the Gregorian calendar.Even with low adoption, the 7date calendar is useful for dates recorded within a small group - including, possibly, a single person - which is aware of the system.

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