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There are things in this world that seem unbreakable: a water-tight case, the love between a father and a son, resolved principles. But when a series of unrelated events set off unforeseen consequences, both Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot are about to be severely tested.After all, strength can hold you together - but sometimes it can also tear you apart.Getting drunk on poker night gives six L&O ladies some deep insights, Alex makes a surprising suggestion from across the bridge table, and Olivia decides that losing a hand can be advantageous...Law & Order crossover - Halloween hijinks ensue at Abbie and Serena's costume party.I hope you like it, I definitely had fun writing it.Alex Cabot returns to New York ten years after the events that took place in "Ghost" only to find that more has changed than she ever thought possible.Did you ever wonder what the real reason was for Detective Benson's hostility towards Dr. This story gives you an insight into the two women's history and what the future might hold.

I wanted to see if I could write a whole story in that tone.In this story, we find out what might have happened between Casey Novak and Olivia Benson immediately following the episode 'RAW'--provided of course that it had been Star Morrison that held a gun to Casey's head and that Olivia had been present in the courtroom to witness it.An episodic continuation story based not on the actual episode but on the nano-second of information gleaned by the author during the trailer.Olivia's insecurities, a serial killer, and the interferences of a well-meaning Abbie Carmichael can only make things more difficult.A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel... Law & Order crossover - A triptych from the Magnetic Resistance universe.

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