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Important Azure AD Connect is the best way to connect your on-premises directory with Azure AD and Office 365.This is a great time to upgrade to Azure AD Connect from Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (Dir Sync) or Azure AD Sync as these tools are now deprecated are no longer supported as of April 13, 2017.The advanced attribute flows are using functions to express attribute transformations.You can see and examine the entire configuration using tools which comes with Azure AD Connect.

The default configuration assumes there might be more than one forest in the configuration.

Integrating your on-premises directories with Azure AD makes your users more productive by providing a common identity for accessing both cloud and on-premises resources.

Users and organizations can take advantage of the following: Azure Active Directory Connect is made up of three primary components: the synchronization services, the optional Active Directory Federation Services component, and the monitoring component named Azure AD Connect Health. You might want to have a stand-by server so you easily can fall over if there is a disaster.

This topic will guide you through the planning, deployment, and operation steps.

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