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Over the years, AC has spawned subgenres including "hot AC", "soft AC" (also known as "lite AC"), "urban AC", "rhythmic AC", and "Christian AC" (a softer type of contemporary Christian music).Some stations play only "hot AC", "soft AC", or only one of the variety of subgenres.Me, Myself & I stars Bobby Moynihan in a comedy about the defining moments in one man's life over three distinct periods – as a 14-year-old in 1991, at age 40 in present day, and at age 65 in 2042.As a 14-year-old boy living in Chicago in 1991, Alex was on top of the world, inventing cool things and celebrating the Bulls' first championship, until his mom, Maggie, moved them to Los Angeles, the heart of Lakers country, and married a pilot, Ron.Like most of pop music, its songs tend to be written in a basic format employing a verse–chorus structure.The format is heavy on romantic sentimental ballads which mostly use acoustic instruments (though bass guitar is usually used) such as acoustic guitars, pianos, saxophones, and sometimes an orchestral set.Soft rock reached its commercial peak in the mid-to-late 1970s with acts such as Toto, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Air Supply, Seals and Crofts, Dan Fogelberg, America and the reformed Fleetwood Mac, whose Rumours (1977) was the best-selling album of the decade.

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The chart described itself as "not too far out in either direction".A common practice in recent years of adult contemporary stations is to play less newer music and more hits of the past.This de-emphasis on new songs slows the progression of the AC chart.These middle of the road (or "MOR") stations also frequently included older, pre-rock-era adult standards and big band titles to further appeal to adult listeners who had grown up with those songs.Another big impetus for the evolution of the AC radio format was the popularity of easy listening or "beautiful music" stations, stations with music specifically designed to be purely ambient.

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