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Take your grandchildren to local amusement parks or catch a minor league baseball game all within reach from your new home!

It includes thousands of articles, reports, health and nutrition guides, products, foods, clinical trials, professional and consumer resources, health providers, and more. The URL is Added January 20, 2009: The new website, "Diabetes and Other Related Health Issues," has information about diabetes of all types including what happens in many complications, eating right, many recipes, and videos by medical professionals explaining various aspects of managing diabetes. Added December 4, 2008: The aim of the Type 1 Parent website is to share experiences of being parents of a child with type 1 diabetes, but also to help provide simple, straight-forward explanations to many of the fundamental aspects of diabetes so that parents can help their children understand what is happening to them.

This central New Jersey location boasts entertainment which will please the whole family.

Spend your afternoons at the track cheering for your favorite horse during the race.

The URL is Added November 10, 2009: The new website Diabetes Well Being has put together about 200 articles related to diabetes.

Topics include diet reviews, research on possible natural or alternative treatments, and many other informative topics.

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