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Most therapists wind up becoming members of a professional organization, but it’s also common to be a sole practitioner.

Surveys show that massage therapists often enter the profession as a second career.It’s believed that the French first termed the word “massage” to describe a healing practice of kneading the body.They believed that friction and pressure applied to certain areas on the body could provide benefits by breaking up scar tissue, even if at the time the massage didn’t actually feel so comfortable (the same idea as how foam rolling works).Hippocrates was said to have written papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems.Another major influencer in the field of massage therapy was the Ancient Chinese.

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    The net worth or book value of the company reflects its accounting value while the liquidation value tends to arrive at the company’s residual value assuming that the company sells off all its assets (at market realizable value) and pays off all the liabilities that it has taken.

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