Alfa romeo mito speed dating edition

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Those first customers should get their cars towards the end of this year, but act quickly and you might get your hands on one of the other 200 regular production cars (in right-hand drive, of course) that are destined for the UK.

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Despite its compact dimensions (less than 4m long, with a wheelbase of 2.38m) the 4C feels wide at first, but as the speed rises it shrinks around you and never feels less than agile.

Compare that with the 887bhp, Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar, which costs in the region of £650,000, which took 6m 57sec. The interior features plenty of the bare carbon-fibre tub, which accounts for only 65kg of the 895kg total weight.

Alfa calls it minimalist, journalists called it disappointing when the final production car was shown at Geneva earlier this year, but when you get inside it all works and seems to fit the 4C's function.

That steering really sets the car apart, both from mainstream products and performance rivals.

Alfa's engineers admit they would have preferred a hydraulic steering system to a mechanical set-up but it would have added too much weight.

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