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I've been looking at caravans and am amazed at prices being asked and the quality of construction and fitout. Many seem to be knocked together out of poor quality materials, especially internal fitouts with low quality chipboard, plastic and veneers like you'd see from an amateur handyman after watching The Block or some similar lifestyle show. My mum has owned two, very well made, locally owned and built caravans. However, I also know what you are talking about as a fairly well known, commercial brand has poor, cheap fit out etc.

The welds on the chassis seem pretty bad too (I'm no expert so maybe that's ok.) But the industry is so big with so many varieties and so many people able and willing to pay for this. In fact, last time I checked, (which was 6 yrs ago so things may have changed,) this particular brand didn't even have warranty on their "off road" van if you actually took it off road.

So you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that caravaning is booming. I'm not sure if the caravan industry is regulated at all, as it seems open to abuse.

au/news/2016/ED-ITM-57797/Compact-Rookie-rolls-in Basically something that's simple (no gadgets like TVs), low maintenance and reliable so I can hook it up and go on short notice if the weather is looking good.

What amazes me with all the caravan experts here, is how all those grey nomads with their ripoff locally made flimsy rubbish ever make it round Oz in one piece.I'm in the market of caravans as well and would love to hear your comments of the few good brands that you may recommend?We are a couple with a teen so I guess we need fixed beds for 2 and option to convert the dinner table to another 2 beds.Finally I found it, the interior colours were nice and it is fiberglass, really cool in summer and warm in winter, it sleeps 4 and was under 3 years old and still under warranty.The owners left everything, all I had to buy was some bedding and food.

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