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You might have seen this story but you haven’t seen a story told like this.”“Keanu brings something different to an action movie – a soft side, instead of this guy that’s just a Terminator,” says Stahelski. Hopefully they make their money back and the artists don’t have such a great deal there.” Another problem with Hollywood now, according to Keanu, is the decline in repeat viewings of films: “Before if you used to go to a film, you would be, ‘I saw it five times! ”He’s particularly proud of 2010 theatre-set heist film Henry’s Crime that he researched by visiting Simon Russell Beale when he was performing The Cherry Orchard at the Old Vic: “The Chekhov journey!

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“Right now it’s in a place where it needs the dough to take the next step.” will return – a sequel has been announced.

Reeves has been thoughtful throughout our conversation so I ask him if it is really necessary for John Wick to embark on a killing spree following the death of his dog?

The Matrix star may play a cold-blooded hitman in his new movie John Wick, but in real life he's known to be pretty much the most grounded man in Hollywood.

Just in case you've been living in a dark cave with pitiful wifi, here's a brief reminder of why Keanu is such a legend: in the aftermath of the Matrix saga, he donated literally tens of millions to the VFX crew who made those movies so groundbreaking, and took home just a tiny percentage of the salary he was paid.

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