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Penn also addresses the Chicago time capsule that wasn’t.

Penn & the crew discuss the November 13 terrorist attacks in France, then talk to the Desert Bus For Hope charity at Fuhrman’s facts, & Penn runs out of gas in his electric car. Phil Robertson defends atheism accidentally; Indiana revives the gay cake argument for free speech; Penn’s New York Times article about electing an atheist president; & a congregation member loses his job for listening to Penn’s Sunday School.

Penn talks about hosting a event in LA and hanging with Tom Jones, Natasha Bedingfield, Mel Gibson, Sly Stalone, and Kiss. Penn addresses book and movie rumors about Amazing Randi.

An audience member gets advice about how to be an Atheist parent.

Penn continues his visit with Newtek founder Tim Jenison at The Museum of Old & New Art in Tasmania.

Special Bonus: Two very special guests on the ads, Moxie and Zolten!

Penn teaches the congregation his very successful form of self defense. Sue Bryker-Parham reveals the details Upstate Atheists clash with one Christian Soup Kitchen. Penn interviews and catches up with his oddly close old friend LOD.

Penn teaches Dustin and Matt how to speak in present tense for reality shows, discusses whether Johnny Depp can wrestle 10 turkeys to death, Bacon and Doughnuts, the amazing Pilobolus “dance” show in NYC, and can a turtle tell a great joke?

Penn takes sides on the white house petition to deport Piers Morgan.

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