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It's always been the big question - is nudity in Thailand allowed and are there any secluded beaches where you as a foreigner can simply shed your clothes, go nude sunbathing and become one with nature.To answer the question about there being any beaches where you can simply wander around naked, you'd have to understand that nudity in public places such as on the beaches of Thailand or anywhere else for that matter, is not a common cause in these parts of South East Asia.that this post contains some affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you should purchase after clicking through my blog.

The pick ups are most useful particularly with early arrivals and departures.Leela Beach, set in a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary on Koh Phangan Island is another unofficial nudist beach destination.It's long been known for its topless suntanning and bathing but you can get away with some nudity here too.However, there is a solution to this problem should you be staying at the Lemon Tree Resort, just a short distance away. which you'll find it on the north western tip of the island.There are no boats reaching these shores but, you can easily get there by road from the island's international airport.

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