Asp net detailview itemupdating

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If I work it out by myself then I'll come back here and let you know so you know what to do in the future if you decide to use a Details View for something.

Jono One thing i didn't mention is that I didn't set the Data Source on the Details View in the aspx page.

It is set in the Page_Load because it is retrieved from from data objects (NHibernate).

I'm not sure if just B was doing the same thing or not.

To declare the row fields, first set the Details View. When both are used, explicitly declared row fields are rendered first, followed by the automatically generated row fields.

However, to make use of the Details View control's advanced capabilities you must explicitly declare the row fields to include in the Details View control. The row fields specified are added to the Details View. Note: Explicitly declared row fields can be displayed in combination with automatically generated row fields.

Toolbox Data("The Details View control is used to display a single record from a data source in a table, where each field of the record is displayed in a row of the table.

Note: The Details View control can provide support for update, delete, insert, and paging operations with other types of data sources; however, you must provide the implementation for these operations in an appropriate event handler. Clicking the Update button updates the record in the data source, while clicking the Cancel button abandons any changes. You can customize the appearance of the Details View control by setting the style properties for different parts of the control.

It can be used in combination with a Grid View control for master-detail scenarios.I seem to have a problem with mode changing when using my detailsview control. protected void Detail View_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) Now, when I click on edit or insert and trace, the program hits the right event, but I have to hit the button twice for the control to change mode.Even when it does change mode, regardless of which control I hit, the program will randomly decide if it is going to go into edit mode or update mode.If I don't put in the Mode Changing event implementation I get an exception: "The Details View 'dvw Work Item' fired event Mode Changing which wasn't handled." I do intend on adding other custom code into this method because certain actions need to happen when you start editing or inserting.Here is the code I have so far: How did you use a repeater instead of a Details View, that would be strange because each now is the next field instead of a row like the Grid View.

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