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Everything was normal until when he struck a tambourine several times and yelled: "Umbrella Movement may have failed but it has not dissipated. At the very beginning, he was presented by the Occupy Three Trio (Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man and Chu Yiu-ming) as one of the ten supporters who were given the name Ho Loy, a volunteer for the Animal Life Guard Action Group, reported this morning that a certain restaurant on Kam Fai Path, Yuen Long district was slaughtering dogs and selling dog meat to the public.

They cited residents who heard "the tragic cries of dogs being slaughtered almost every day." However, the restaurant was smart because they always cut off the head and claws." The volunteers have filed reports with the Hong Kong Police and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

"But this is too cruel and unacceptable."The Hong Kong Police responded to Apple Daily and said that they have received a complaint that a Yuen Long restaurant was selling dog meat.

Police officers have visited the scene and have asked the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to follow up.

The department has taken a sample of the meat for analysis.

They will wait for the analysis results to decide what to do next.

He has to do this three times this week already, and he cannot conduct business meanwhile.

They called on Yuen Long restaurants to pay attention to the area around Kam Fai Path, especially looking for animal body parts such as heads and claws.The inspector went into the kitchen and found two pots of cooked beat. When delivered, the head, limbs and internal organs have already been removed."Although it is not yet determined whether this was dog meat of not, the restaurant owner has shown us the invoice for black goat meat dated October 26, 2017." The society said that the inspector also looked around the neighborhood but did not find anything else. She said that the restaurant had been accused of selling dog meat earlier in the year and they have clarified that it was goat meat. Due to limited space, he cooked the lamb and put it on the roadside table to cool down.The Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals said that they have received complaints this morning and sent an inspector to the scene.The restaurant owner said that it was cooked lamb meat. He complained that the carcass in the photo was that of a black-skinned goal from Hainan Island.

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