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And better people than you are single, who don’t want to be.

Have you seen some of the things people deem appropriate to say on that thing?

They told me to get better info on Chavez, so I damn well did.

Here's the text of an e-mail I sent to the OWGLA listserv with links to stuff condemining Chavez for being a megalomaniacal son of a bitch. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read through all of these entirely at such short notice, but here you go.

The second round was made in a deeper baking pan, and cooked hardly at all. And they're vegan, for those people out there who a) are vegan or b) worry about ingesting undercooked eggs.

A good blogger would take a stance here, but I just can't, and not because I'm scared to stick my neck out.

Before the skull goes to the trade fairs to London, it can be seen in Poland, during the Modelator event in Modelarnia, which will take place on28 June.

Speaking of the OWGLA listserv, by coincidence I also got in an argument with my co-listservers recently about Hugo Chavez, president-til-who-knows-when of Venezuela.

To make his work, Peter Fuss used about 9870 pieces of glass polished andcut to look like diamonds, worth 250 pounds and spent 18 hours to completethe piece.

Income from sale of Fuss's skull and its accompanying graphics issupposed to amount to 2000 pounds - this is eight times as much as theinvested amount!

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