Baby shower dating game questions

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The questionnaire should have a few get-to-know-you questions on it (we’ll get to those later).

Each guest also needs something to write with, and that’s it! Basically you just want three to five questions that guests can answer about themselves.

Read the winning responses aloud, and you could even give out prizes.

Printables: Here’s the printable list of questions I mentioned.

A fun way to do it is to read the answers, but not the name, and have all the guests guess which guest filled out that questionnaire.

It’s just a fun way to hear from everyone, get to know each other, and talk about weddings or babies.

For example, for a bridal shower you could use questions like these: So create your questionnaire, keeping in mind that you just want a few questions; it doesn’t need to be long.How to play: Basically, this shower game involves giving each of your guests a set of questions to answer. Because everyone loves hearing all about the guest of honor, but people do love talking about themselves, too.And if you craft the questions carefully, they can tie in to your shower perfectly.For example, for my sister, who was proposed to on a trip to Europe, we had some questions about European vacations.You could easily fit this shower question game to the theme of your shower.

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