Bainite self accomodating shear strains Fuck chat lines

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THIS REPRODUCTION IS MADE FROM THE BEST COPY AVAILABLE. THIS PERIODICAL MAY BE COPYRIGHTED, IN WHICH CASE THE CONTENTS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. North Carolina Sute University ^ 9 /J/-J28U Ohio Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Public Library of ^^ j^ 623-2870 Cleveland Public Library ).... Wendt Library, University of Wisconsin Madison (608)262-5845 Milwaukee Public Library (414) 278-3247 PATENT EXAMINING CORPS JAMES E. KUNIN, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner CONDITION OF PATENT APPLICATIONS AS OF January 27, 1990 PATENT EXAMINING GROUPS Actual Filing Date of Oldest New Case Awaiting Action CHEMICAL EXAMINING GROUPS GENERAL N4Er ALLURGICAL, INORGANIC. CL 5— Ml sections are in the collapsed sofa condition, and an un- folded condition in which it supports the lower horizontal section, when the rear vertical and lower horizontal sec- tions are unfolded, 4,905,330 COMBINATION FURNITURE AND EXERCISE DEVICE Lawrence I. In a sofa-bed assembly having a series of sections pivoted to one another in succession, the sections being foldable be- tween a co Uapsed sofa condition and an extended bed condi- tion, and the series of sections including a rear vertical section, a lower horizontal section, a front vertical section, and an upper horizontal section, a mattress folded and compressed within the series of sec- tions when the latter are in the collapsed sofa condition, the folded mattress pressing upwardly against the lower face of the upper horizontal section tending to pivot that section, with respect to the front vertical section, in the direction of unfolding of the section, a supporting linkage pivotally connected to the sections and constraining the latter to fold and unfold in accordance 12 OFFICIAL GAZETTE March 6, 1990 with a predetermined pattern of movement, that pattern involving the rear vertical section and lower horizontal section unfolding first after which the front vertical sec- tion and upper horizontal section unfold, when the sec- tions move from their collapsed sofa condition to their extended bed condition, the supporting linkage including: , ^„ a rear leg movable between a folded condition, when the U^.

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^^^ ELECTRONIC AND OPTCM^^TCMS AND DEVIOTS; GROL^ ,2 24_g7 COMMUNl OVn ONS, Mi EASURJNG. CAGE, Director MECHANICAL EXAMINING GROUPS HANDLING AND TRANSPORTING MEDIA, GROUP 310— B. GRAY, Director ^-^ ^^V{m MATCRIAL SHAJ^CLE MANUFACTURING AND TOOLS, GROUP 320-N. Blankenship, Dallas, Tex., assignor to Research Pro- dncts/Blankenship Corporation, Dallas, Tex.

THE MICROFORM EDITION IS REPRODUCED BY AGREEMENT WITH THE PUBLISHER. -g, ^175 Columbus: Ohio State University Libranes °^^ f^^ " Toledo/Lucas County Public Library J^i' ^ „„, Oklahoma Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Library ^^^ 378-4239 Oregon Salem: Oregon State Library ^2i5) 686-5331 Pennsylvania Philadelphia, The Free Library of '- .^ 622-3138 Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library of .■■.■■ •••■•: ••• J„, .' o/:s^o/ii University Parte: Pattee Library, Pennsylvania Sute University 8J* 455! PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFRCE 1112 OG9 Reference Collection of U. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent Depository Libraries— (continued) Slate Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Name of Library Telephone Contact Austin: Mc Kinney Engineering Library. PETROLEUM AND ELECTRICAL CHEMISTRY, AND ENGINEERING.

DUPLICATION OR RESALE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. ^.-o New York Public Library (The Research Libranes) t^^' ' '!! 8027 Rhode Island Providence Public Library 792-2371 South Carolina Charleston: Medical University of South Carolina Library (803) TVZ ZJ Tennessee Memphis & Shelby County Public Library and Infonnauon ^^ ^ ^ 725-8876 Nashville: Steven Mn Science Library , Vand CTbiit University (615) 322-2775 1112 OG8 March 6. University of Texas at Austin (512)471-1610 College Sution: Sterling C. Texas A & M n n'^^'i S.'^,'^ ^-C: ('W") 845-255 1 Dallas Public Library (214) 670-1468 Houston: The Fondren Library, Rice University (713) 527-8101 Exl2587 Salt Lake City: Marriott Libray, University of Utah (801) 581-8394 Richmond: Virginia Commonwealth University Library Z'"Zi (804) 367-1 104 Seattle: Engineering Library, University of Washington ."!

In an incinerator toilet having an incinerator chamber comprising a chamber means with an opening formed there- through, heating means located in said opming of said cham- ber means, and a removable ash pan located below said cham- ber means, said ash pan comprising: an outer pan formed of stainless steel and comprising an outer annular side wall with a bottom wall and. In combination with a lavatory waste tank having a waste drain and a fluid operated waste drain valve mounted in said tank to open and close said drain and tank rinsing means in said tank for rinsing the interior of said tank: (a) flow measuring means adapted to be connected to a source of rinsing fluid under pressure and for measuring at least first and second predetermined volumes of said rins- ing fluid flowing therethrough: (b) controllable valve means coupled between said flow measuring means and waste drain valve and tank rinsing means; and (c) control means, responsive to said flow measuring means for operating, during the period in which said first prede- termined volume is measured, said controllable valve means to receive said fluid under pressure from said flow measuring means and deliver said rinsing fluid to the waste drain valve to open said waste drain valve and to the rinsing means and thence to the waste tank and, during a period in which said second predetermined volume is measured, to receive said rinsing fluid under pressure from said flow measuring means and de Hver said rinsing fluid to the rinsing means and thence to the waste tank; and pre- vent said rinsing fluid from said flow measuring means from being de Uvered to said waste drain valve to close March 6, 1990 GENERAL AND MECHANICAL U said waste drain, whereby said rinsing fluid is supplied through said waste tank for at least a first predetermined period to rinse said tank, and is supplied to said waste tank for at least a second predetermine period to fill the tank.

4,905,327 AUTOMATIC SEAT FOR GIVING HANDICAPPED PERSONS ACCESS TO THE WATER IN A BATH-TUB David Boublil, 9, rue de Brement F 93130 Noisy-Le-Sec, France, assignor to David Boublil, Noisy-le-Sec, France per No.

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