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Read Time Out's Berlin city guide Christmas in Brussels seems to get bigger every year.The Christmas market now extends along the streets from Grand’Place to place Ste-Catherine, covering almost 2 kilometres (1.2 miles).

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Germany has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, and seemingly one in every city – the ones in Cologne, Nuremberg, Frankfurt are particularly good.The brunet says I'm gonna have a girl because I go ..........By Time Out staff Every Christmas the UK (including London's many festive markets) is treated to visiting European markets, but for a real festive indulgence why not venture abroad and immerse yourself in the the real thing?"Franki brown showed me his willy today." Before mum could raise a concern sally said, "It reminded me of a peanut. She wanted to take home a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking. I found her in the bathroom with a towel round her so I knew she wasn't having a shower so I search the apartment and found 10 fingers hanging from the window sill. When he fell god must have loved him, because he lived. After all the excitement I died of a heart attack." That's horrific said the gate keeper, he asked the second man how he died and he said. The barkeep replies, "OK, if you say you paid, then I suppose you did." The customer goes outside and tells a friend how to get free drinks.After becoming very frustrated with the attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the young Blonde declared, "Well then, maybe I'll just go out and catch my own alligator and get a pair of shoes for free! "Well imagine this I was riding one of those sta .......... A man walks into a a bar, drinks a couple of beers, and prepares to leave. The third man hurries into the bar and begins to drink highbal .......... For his birthday, Little Johnny asked for a 10 speed bicycle.

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