Biblical dating verses

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The Church in her council decided that it was necessary, with the participants confidently proclaiming, “[I]t has seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” The Holy Spirit guided the process (see John ). Paul then went out and proclaimed what the council (including him) had decided, to be observed as a binding decree.If that’s not Church authority, it’s difficult to imagine what would be.Truth cannot be built on any degree of error whatever, because that would make the foundation weaker than the superstructure above it.Accordingly, given the above biblical passages and many others, the Catholic “three-legged stool” rule of faith may be defined in the following way: In the biblical (and historic Catholic) view the inspired, infallible Bible is interpreted by an infallible, divinely guided Church, which in turn infallibly interprets and formulates the true doctrinal (apostolic) tradition.Therefore, such power is indicative of a strong view of the authority of the Church.The third notable element in this passage is the concept of the “powers of death” not being able to prevail against the Church.

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What happened there was not “Bible alone” or individual Christians and the Holy Spirit, independent of other Christians, but very clearly a strong authority.

I’ve become more and more assured of this truth during my nearly twenty-four years of defending it.

The more I learn, the more my faith is strengthened ( Dave Armstrong is a Catholic apologist and evangelist who has proclaimed Christianity for more than twenty years.

The “apostles and elders” (Acts 15:6), representing the “whole church” (Acts ) gathered, much as bishops in our time got together at the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

The main question they dealt with was whether Gentile Christian converts were required to be circumcised and to observe the entire Jewish Law.

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