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The open-ended storylines have become a trademark of this creative team as readers jump from one mystery to another, only to be reminded later of the other mysteries still outstanding, a literary game of connecting dots and closing loops a little at a time.

And artistically, this issue shines the way we’ve come to expect, this time even without a motorcycle chase or significant action scene, just emotion.

then it got to Wendell J and then Jay just stuck by the time I got to high school. I actually started acting and they saw me on television. Well how much you get paid for something like that? Once they actually understood the process of auditioning and booking a job, once they understood the full process, they were on board a hundred percent.

’ So I kind of explained to them that I had been in class for the last couple of years and I was doing it on the side and I wanted to see what I could do with it. Formerly, in the service, they’re very salt of the earth people, very analytical people.

I think that what you have in the women on our show are three very different women who are slices of real life to some degree.

And yeah, I do think there need to be black doctors and black astronauts, I absolutely agree. Sometimes it’s just that one little bright spot, that one little word of encouragement or that one little bit of inspiration that changes someone’s day or week or outlook on life even.

And so, to be a part of that for me is really amazing.

Source: BET When our longtime favorite show, “BET’s The Game” switched up the formula, got rid of a few old favorites and added some new blood, we all stopped and took notice.

We had to, the new character Blue was Ivy League educated and very, very very easy on the eyes.

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