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i'd arrived in late december, and started seeing him april/may of the first year.

being single in london was something i was not prepared for, and with all the tinder horror stories my friends had fed me while i was still naively happy in my unhappy relationship, i didn't know what i was going to do.

having had put so much into it, and not wanting to be that girl that lets someone down because of how they look, i agreed to see him again. by now i'd started my new job, had a new flat, and was thriving in my new, single life.

but to suddenly be on my own, alone in 'our' flat (which in hindsight... i am a very house proud person, ok), with our (my) things, in our (my) bed, but now, i was alone. besides the first week where i slept with all the lights on and a chair by the front door in case burglars tried to break in and kill me, i revelled in being alone.which was very confusing, as he text me 50 times a day, called me 'babe', bought special foods for me to keep at his house for when i was there, bought me a blanket because i was always cold at his, etc, etc, etc. i like to know where my next meal is coming from, and this was all very... i'm ok with how rude and horrible he was to me that night, and shudder what to think he said to my friends that night to make then all (some of who i'd just met that night) hate him so much ("looks like he'd eaten a wasp" according to one), but - cest la vie. i took a break - literally, after that; glasgow, palma and cornwall were all in quick succession, and life was starting to be pretty busy again. well, there's a lot of netflix to watch to get your value for money. he tells me off when i've been bratty and doesn't let me win an argument just because i shout louder over the top of him.casual), i knew he wouldn't be there if i needed him, that he thought very little of me in the grand scheme of things, and he was probably using me just as much as i was using him. a lot of my friends are coupled up, or with babies now, and my hobbies (shopping and blogging) are all based online; i don't go to the gym, and i'd never again date someone from the office (i'd met my ex at work), so... he's logical and reasonable, and doesn't try to placate me because i have a pretty face.we hit it off, and we had a really fun time together, so i saw him a couple more times after that.he lived near me and i'd go out drinking with him and his friends, a lot, and i think he thought he was getting a girlfriend out of me, which was a shame, because i wasn't ready for that.

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