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We are meant to look at the grotesque realities of war lurking underneath the gleaming armor and fancy banners of medieval myth-making.Uh, check it, check it Aiyo, it's very rare that you see me, Lanson In a club, with bub, partyin, we dancin If so, it's Chris, Bacardi, an some Branson All leathered out in a Harley or a Vanson Now I ain't dissin chicks But I ain't trickin shit That's Un yo, wit me you get fish an chips That's right exotic and we live it But jus cause I got it Don't mean you can get it Now I take them black, nasty, redbone, beautiful Jus brush your teeth for me, that's suitable Don't care about your toes or your cuticles First we lie then work them thighs It's a one night stand, not to hurt your pride But ma, I'm a dog, it ain't worth the lies And tell your man chill He don't deserve to die Plus the nigga probably ain't circumcised Chorus [Mase] For every beat we make, we make hot And every watch we got, got rocks And every car you got, we got dropped And every Glock we got, we keep cocked To all the charts you on, we on top And every house you want, we jus copped And all the bank you got, we got stock And every chick you wit, we jus hit..Here are some local services that you may find useful.Although we have listed high quality, reputable websites, as these are all external websites the Trust can take no responsibility for their accuracy and content.another Internet rage-fest over having to witness another major female character suffer a rape.For many fans who were appalled at the horrible scene of Jaime Lannister raping his sister/lover Cersei last season, it felt like the showrunners had only doubled down, putting Sansa Stark into the hands of sadist Ramsay Bolton and, to add insult to injury, making her former foster brother Theon Greyjoy watch.

His valiant son dies, unarmed, at the hands of people he believed to be his allies.The thief – dressed in a black Adidas top with the hood tightly drawn, black Adidas jogging bottoms, black trainers and black gloves – entered the shop before pacing around, briefly looking at shelves of wine, before turning back and producing the handgun.He aimed the weapon at the owner, who was stood behind the counter, demanding money, as he gestured towards the till with the firearm.He added: “Sometimes there are children banging on the windows and door but nothing like this.“You don’t expect this to happen to you.I am still terrified and scared, my children and my family are worried.“My Children have been saying to me, dad we did not expect this to happen here, I am astonished.”Anyone with information should contact police on 01 or 101 quoting referendum number 1663 of 21/12/16 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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