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In my mind, I consider the third date the ‘make or break’ date.

For some, this might sound too soon but I know what time I’m willing to invest in order to find out if I really like someone; for me that is three dates.

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You need to be a gentleman and make her feel very safe in your home.The third date is a very important date because it determines a lot of things and it determines the direction your ‘relationship’ is heading.Are you going to progress to something a little more serious or are you just going to be friends (or never speak again 🙂 )?If you go to a movie for your third date, try to relax and make her feel relaxed.In my experience, it is the girl that usually makes the move to cozy up to her date in situations like this. You can simply hold each other or be in each other’s hands and enjoy a little cuddle. If you decide to treat her to a lovely homemade meal, try to make your home as comfortable as possible.

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