Bret michaels dating spoiler

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Speaking of notability, Lacey Conner is already mentioned in Wikipedia, with her band.

Plus, she is mentioned again in the Rock of Love article.

He/she did not say that they wanted to create another page.

I think they just wanted to add the data somewhere.

For any of you who missed history in the making last night, Bret was down to the final two contestants in the genre-shattering reality dating program .

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“I definitely felt love at the end of all three seasons. It was the same feeling I had at the end of the first two seasons.

The winner of Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is Taya Laurie Parker! Love Bus, the third Rock Of series, was down to Mindy and Taya.

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- Fifteen wasn't confirmed online yet, so I am listing 15 as "eliminated" until Sunday night. But, again, this information was downloaded from Itunes. And for that matter, where did this original mis-information come from? Now, Im going to stop trying to convince you that Itunes is more accessible that you think. -James [email protected] I hope we will be able to identify more of the contestants.

Also, if the person has been confirmed by a blog as appearing on ROL, then it is not reliable. She was the last contestant called out, for a "back stage pass." Please correct this information on wikipedia article. Further more, Tiffany was allowed to stay, at the end of the show too. I am sure viewers would be interested to know this and it would make the wikipedia entry more complete.

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