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"When I had it, I went though all the guys in a 100-mile radius in a day." A few weeks later, however, "it was all people were talking about."Over the weekend, there was even a Tinder-themed house party at a Provo apartment.

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The six-month-old Tinder might be new to the social-app scene, but it has big dreams.

When you find a match, your two options are to either "send a message" or "keep playing." Mease, BYU's self-proclaimed "Tinder guru," thinks the game could get old fast, though."I think it's going to die out pretty quickly," she said.

"As soon as everyone has it and you've been through everyone, it gets boring."Tinder hopes that's not the case.

Tell her you are heading to California next weekend, and she’ll happily accompany you.• Sex: Female• Major: Pre-Med or Pre-Law• Hometown: Boston• Impressed by: Smart guys, intellectual conversation, world travelers, International Cinema, and men that aren’t intimidated by her ambition.

Tell her you were accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, but chose BYU because you felt it was the right thing to do. Best of luck as you either venture on dates, listen to your roommates complain about dates, or witness awkward dates.

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