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REMEMBER that the** Remedies have al r been tested In the Family circle, by Chemical Th*raie iirlii Miov* tur Wood tw Osal, ZB.

4 - ■ B»i E«i.a-aon toe A^^iuh MHo Te for VYood ®aly.

Coldt, etc.; and with Edward Wilder*# Mtunaaeli Bltiere for Chills and Fever and Fever and Agne.

both in N*w ' ffir superior to any other known ol = latr-ttwurli'i 1 — nei G the want which bk- foralou_: time b* n widely felt, namely. They sbonld be t Akeo with Ed® ward Wtld*r*a% 4 sraapjtrllla and Polisa M lo the dlseoaes In which that remedy Is recommended ; and with Edward Wilder's Compowad Bs® Irnrt «r Wild i berry In Coughs.

WKT»t Jr d S fflf BBTWen -D®al®ni Ib W®UMi«s W aaf j Tv^To^ rtiu and Morfcai sta.

1 c A L' • r ‘0 the variety line in the city at present, inf tbe St Ate r air a fine roan mare was , * 1* • * 1 * * • _ s .

w Ul )*av«11 Jl£ 2 i T — The office on the j Kx'^l corner of Main and Rnllti: vtreetv nnw | cx^npied by th* Falla Oty To Oaceo Bank. M III -* a I rrl% 0 }f A ^'aoq r mjoapoott’g') v-^jpp T Sis dim WILDER’S I y. W hen it is When the Court announced that it con- remtmbcred that he bent Beavine at the k Lb'CT Street.

Vrc Mfk N Lii.%r,^ ' ^Lfh* mu«»t d«li 4 'ai®*^F 9 i I rsfresbiagp*' W : I ^.fbm* *Ter pr* W IB tnts^F oootttry.

1 Victor Kmnmiel was placed in a difli- AUaulic Gallic Telegrams.

1 General Gari'o Aldi arrested to day I _r- y 3 i TTT'n Tt 111 near a sniall town iiiiuie J A/.elro^a by or- 1 Two Eloctions Wiii rrobably der of \ i TI 1/1 ; nd design were made known to bis ad- I DG Il Cl Qi lierents, and conseijuentlj' to the King's ! in this city by the cireula- ' rt 1 • j tion amongst the of inliam 1 The Question to be Submitted matorj addresses issued from Arego on i to the Courts.

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