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The idea of this game is to have your tippers tip you to write their username on a balloon – then you have to sit on the balloon and pop it with your butt.

Step One: Blow up a bunch of balloons and have them all over your room with nothing written on them.

He is to follow orders, and not speak unless asked to. She can then request that her remove his top, so she can see his chest.

Whoever draws the lowest card must remove an article of clothing.

Repeat the process until one participant is fully nude. Whoever wins the game gets to see the other participant in the nude, but as the winner must masturbate on cam while the loser watches. This is great fun if you meet a woman who’s somewhat dominant, or very sexually confident.

And it’s a real fun experience when performed cam to cam.

The idea here is that the woman is in total control and remains clothed for the entire scenario.

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