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The client must fill in the form provided by the embassy and pay the requested fee.

The visa delivery time may vary according to the time of year.

We urge you to plan for a minimum turnaround time of 7 working days.

NB: Be aware, that it may take between 10 and 30 minutes and that a few US dollars (unofficial facilitation fee) can be asked for by the police on the spot.

In any case, all travelers have to arrive prepared with an identity photo (4 x 6 cm) and check the validity of their passport.

It must be valid for at least 6 months after their intended date of departure from Cambodia.

Our guide will give all the documents to the immigration, pay for the visa and wait for the clients in the reception hall.

Once the process is finished, the immigration staff will accompany the clients to our guide in the reception hall. Each overstay day costs 10USD/day for the 30 first days and after 30 days of overstay the non-immigrant foreigner has to pay 10USD/day and needs to leave Cambodia with 7days.

The term "trafficking" has become trendy among donors in the Western world for the pure horror it evokes - a horror that Pros embodied for many - but it leaves out a whole spectrum of complex choices and negotiations, and often erases women's agency entirely.- Srey Mao, prostitute Steinfatt, a professor at the University of Miami, said the figure of 1,058 is still an accurate estimate of the number of sex trafficking victims in the country.Although he has been criticised by some anti-sex-slavery activists for producing such a low figure, he is the only researcher to have systematically canvassed Cambodia seeking out brothels and collecting data on the women and girls inside."Sex trafficking is actually one of the smaller portions of trafficking," he said.Instead, she was enrolled in a yearlong sewing course, entailing eight hours a day of study or garment work."I was not happy to be there ...Outstanding mixture of Asian exotica, Indochinese charm and Cambodian hospitality, the Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in historic, natural and ecological sites.

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