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Archaeologists such as Glueck metaphorically carried the trowel in 1 hand and the Bible in the other, searching the archaeological landscape of the southern Levant for confirmation of the biblical narrative from the Patriarchs to the United Monarchy under David and Solomon to other personages, places, and events mentioned in the sacred text.

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BCE, Edom extended westward across the Wadi Arabah, from Transjordan into the Negev Desert.

Edom is characterized by 2 major geomorphologic units, the highland plateau and the lowlands that border Wadi Arabah.

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It was initially sampled by the German Mining Museum (GMM) in the early 1990s (14).

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The first indications of human activity were found several centimeters above these sands – a well-built rectilinear installation ≈1 × 0.80 m, with 3 visible “horn-shape” rock features at each of its exposed corners.

This represents the earliest phase of settlement activity at the site.

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