Carole radziwill dating russ irwin

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Following the two episodes she took to Twitter to clarify the story even further, revealing: 'Here's the real truth: I was Luann's niece's maid of honor at her first wedding. Carole Radziwill has split from Aerosmith's Russ Irwin.The Real Housewives of New York City star ended her relationship with Irwin late last year, Us Weekly reports.

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Last year she discreetly cut things off with him and Russ speaks out as to why.

Russ goes on saying,“I told Carole, ‘I’m in love with you.

I want to settle down, get married and have a family – and I want to do it with you.’ But her response was, ‘I never want to get married again.’ It’s sad because we had such a special bond. She wanted her independence and didn’t want to be tied down to someone she had to check in with every day.

She and I could have made it work, but I think she was really just afraid of being hurt again.

Every time we got more intimate, she found a way to sabotage the relationship.” Well I think we all know how Carole got through her breakup.

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