Chace crawford dating 2016 sandra bullock and sylvester stallone dating

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There was one joint in the car he was driving and the actor made a statement saying he was in a wrong place at the wrong time.In a plea bargain he agreed to do community service and the charges would be wiped from his record should there be no recurrence.I heard Anna [Kendrick] was doing it and I thought that would be something cool and we could make the storyline real."To be fair, What to Expect When You're Expecting does at least try to be a tiny bit different.It's a portmanteau project in the style of New Year's Day and Valentine's Day in which different tales of love are played out, and the stories loosely intertwine.

On the drive up, however, Billy and his wife Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) veer off the highway, destroying their pickup truck and the uninsured washers and dryers strapped to the truck’s bed. We can only imagine the shenanigans that Texan Chace Crawford and Hammersmith-born Brit actor Ed Westwick, both stars of Gossip Girl, used to get up to when they shared an apartment in New York.Crawford jokes: "I even gave him some good tips on how to pick up British girls!Even if it's playing pool, darts, or something simple like that, board games or cards. Playing golf I don't get into real fights, but even with your friend you can kind of put it on hold and get serious, I've got into a couple of discrepancies on the golf course, we are playing for 20 bucks or something and something happens and there is a discrepancy, I'll stand my own about it, I want to win."This adds to the growing sense that Crawford likes nothing more than being one of the guys.His favourite memory from the set of the film was the day that his schedule crossed over with a group of comedians, headed by Chris Rock, who hang out in Central Park playing dads whose lives have been changed by the arrival of babies."We had the best dinner and we were trying to top each other with jokes. I can be funny if I try." It's interesting how things can go from jovial to on-edge even in our conversation.

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