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But in the last two years at university, I realised I needed to be employable when I graduated, so I added economics as a means to making sure I could make a living later.

I worked as a management consultant for a couple of years and that’s where I learned that I was actually at my happiest when they locked in a room by myself with a huge spreadsheet and I had some data task ahead of me … After my two years of management consulting, the normal track would be to be sent off to business school.

I did well and started working as a teaching assistant in these classes as well.

Then we moved together, two years later, for him to start his second postdoc and for me to start biostatistics grad school.

Thus, we included this list for exploratory reasons. Q: And the Champagne rats were less likely to get dementia? Q: But it was real Champagne A: Yes — the researchers think that because Champagne is made partly with red-wine grapes such as Pinot Noir it will contain beneficial compounds similar to those in red wine Q: But doesn’t red wine also contain compounds similar to those in red wine? A: That’s scaled by body weight: Q: And do rat doses usually scale that way to humans? A: I don’t think the research adds much to what’s known about this question Q: Which is?

Jenny: I was an economics major which had exactly one required statistics paper, which I took, and then continued to try and make that degree as un-quantitative as I possibly could.Several years ago, I decided that teaching people about the process of data analysis was super-important to me, and was being completely undertaught, and I was going to dedicate a lot of my time to it.Luckily, I already had tenure at that point, but it still looks a bit like career suicide to make this decision, because it means that you’re not producing conventional statistical outputs like methodological papers.Hadley is starting to gradually give maintainership of his packages to other people … I already had an existing line of work in making R talk to Google APIs [application programming interface], so I worked with an intern this summer and we created a package from scratch so that you can use Google Drive from R. Why do you feel that is important to share it this way?Now I’m revisiting some general tools for authenticating with Google APIs, and I have another package that talks to Google spreadsheets. I decided this was how I was going to interpret what it meant to be a scholar.

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