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I’m specifically talking about the criticism she’s received for her style choices as a pregnant woman: form-fitting dresses, boobage for days, mini-skirts, side splits, etc. When you start to spot stretchmarks in places you weren’t even aware could stretch… Pregnant women were literally kept away from prying eyes. Relinquish the booby crown for now, Señorita Hotness!

HUMA PUTS ON BRAVE FACE IN ABU DHABI WEINER’S WIFE PREGNANT The tidbits of the online chat session made available to the Sun shows Weiner and Nobles exchanging terms of endearment. Heart you, heart your passion, and as always, heart your balls!Whether early pregnancy made you feel like a rampant rabbit or like you never wanted to have sex again, I'd like to hear from you.I know it's a little bit on the personal side, but other newly pregnant mums like to hear that someone else felt just as they do - whether it was raring to go or desperate to stop!I wanted my hesband to take a domi moore photo of me but before we did I gave birth!but my sex life had been normall during the pregnancy.

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