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It's Saturday night and I'm watching a bunch of men masturbate.

I've never met any of them before, and I'll never see any of them again. What's reassuring — but also maybe a little unsettling — is that, at this same moment, a ridiculous number of people are doing exactly the same thing: Going to, clicking yes to their webcams being activated, and pressing a button to be connected face-to-face with the first in a series of complete strangers.

Rather than strangers from around the world, you can now be hooked up with someone who might be living right down the street.

Predictably, the genitalia — all male — are not in short supply.Parents should be aware of Chatroulette, especially now that it has gone local.Not panicked, but simply aware." As you've probably guessed, I did not run into Calo on Chatroulette."I have read many, many accounts of wonderful and surprising interactions. — around Chatroulette at least as interesting as the website itself.People love to capture awkward moments on Chatroulette almost as though they were a form of art." Artistically inclined regulars include a guy who improvises piano odes to whomever comes online, and another who draws their caricatures.

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