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animation modeled upon data from live actors) for a next-generation animation look. The extensive sound design and 5.1 surround mix was done by Jim Longo of Rhythm Division in Toronto, Canada.Music editing was performed at Rhythm Division by Rob Kirkpatrick on season 1 and Kevan Staples for season 2. Welcome to Babylonia, home of Lena, Mahad and their mother Mila.The kids follow him to the Raging Archipelago — formerly the city of Paris, hidden in a large atmospheric storm.

The pirates of Puerto Angel rescue a mysterious stranger named Sansken who is looking to contact the pirates with important information about Kharzem Prison (where Mahad and Lena's mother Mila is being held).In jail, they are introduced to the Vector's friend, Master Hailong Zalo, also a powerful Seijin.In a daring escape, Zalo psychically bonds with Lena to give her a telepathic message from her mother, in turn giving her enough power to defeat the invasion and escape with Mahad.Upon arriving, they find that the Sphere has struck first, the pirates board the deserted drilling station in hopes of finding some water the Sphere may have left behind.There, they battle the Mogura, a huge spider-like robot that has turned from a simple tool into a deadly threat to any human that confronts it.

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