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Shanleys piece of garbage lawsuits were not enough to merit a response from attorneys and the judge dismissed them on his own.

From China and Russia starts the new cycle, calendar and Great Year, once again.

However, it has not been completely scrubbed from the Internet. I suggest if you do believe your rhetoric and are not as I have accused you to be, watch We Need To Talk Documentary, follow it up with a bit of research on Wolf Halbig.

Litigation is rampant these days and someone is always looking to make a million bucks off of bullsh*t cases, so I would think this one would be a lock for a class action lawsuit.

Stop the name calling and insults and mud slinging.

Forget all the divisive new reports that are designed to break us all apart.

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Isnt it funny how even after being told they were not friends anymore, some of the things I had told Patricia Goldstein in private phone conversations wound up being spouted by Mark Glenn on Tia Tequilas former webpage.

Dont waste your time, or ours, posting an update with the official documents of the 2nd dismissal because it is irrelevant. Chat Line 4 Free - social life could never be better when all you have to do is register than pick up the phone and call in and talk ... What are some free local hook up - · What are some free local hook up numbers?

Goyim, once again, you shall wonder the American prairies in small numbers of survivors and wonder what had happened to you-after the next END OF ANOTHER CORRUPTED CIVILIZATION in 2019, up to 2033. Cha Cha Answer: This is a phone number for talk 121, it will help you meet single people in ...

Aerial footage of the school did not begin until after AM.

Newtown, CT, home of the author of the Hunger Games book series, and the owner of Freedom Group Firearms, Stephen Feinberg, who manufactures the Bushmaster AR15.

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