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This is reasonable if your organization has no DBMS and must purchase one for the first time. Regardless of whether a DBMS exists on-site, a new DBMS is often viewed as a requirement for a new application.Sometimes a new DBMS product is purchased and installed without first examining if the application could be successfully implemented using an existing DBMS.The truth is, choosing and installing the DBMS is hardly the most difficult part of a DBA’s job.

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Furthermore, when a new DBMS is installed, old applications and databases are usually not migrated to it. Well, the DBA group should be empowered to make the DBMS decisions for the organization.The rack server configuration also simplifies cabling among network components.In an equipment rack filled with servers, a special cooling system is necessary to prevent excessive heat buildup that would otherwise occur when many power-dissipating components are confined in a small space.Tier 1 represents the largest vendors having the most heavily implemented and supported products on the market. Both are popular and support just about any type of database.Another major player is Microsoft SQL Server, but only for Windows platforms.

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