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Fast forward a few years, and things have changed a great deal for Jay Fulton.

Rana Jefferson returned to the island of Jamaica after graduating from Clark-Atlanta University with her Nursing degree, and Jay Fulton began his career as a civil engineer for Rex Engineering in the environs of Atlanta.

The previous night, they did some really freaky shit.

Rana knelt before Jay and sucked his long and thick dark dick, and when he came all over her lovely face, the freaky young Black woman drank it all up, then smiled at him while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

She'd followed him into the Lotus Club, one of Atlanta's hottest queer establishments, and found him in the men's washroom, doing the unthinkable.

Jay spread Rana's ass cheeks wide open and proceeded to devour her ass.

Wilford closed his eyes, relaxing and enjoying as Danika polished his cock with her full, sexy lips.

In the living room of the Fulton household, in the Hampton suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, things were heating up.

After years of being closeted about his bisexuality as well as his kinky, twisted desires, Jay was finally cutting loose, with the encouragement of his freaky wife Danika Jackson-Fulton.

"I simply love the way Wilford's cock tastes," Danika paused to say, and then she proceeded to lick Wilford's big pink balls, while Jay watched, licking his lips.

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