Curse client not updating

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However, if you can get over all that, it actually works quite well for keeping your addons up-to-date.It scans my directory of about 100 addons pretty quickly and fetches information on any release-quality upgrades (or whatever level of upgrading you set as your preference) that are available, downloads and installs them efficiently, and lets me get on with my playing.This can take quite a while but only the first time as it's much faster after that.Then, click "Add addon" and enter either the addon name (this field uses autocomplete so typing just a few letters from the addon name should list the addon you want to install) or the addon URL, click OK and that's it: After installing Java 8, simply download the latest (version 1.0 at the time I'm writing this article) jcurse from HERE and extract it in your home directory.The feature set of the free client is much more limited.Curse Client for Mac has been a long time in the making.Mit wenigen Mausklicks integrieren Sie neue Erweiterungen und erhalten Updates fr vorhandene Plugins.Der Client erkennt automatisch lokal installierte Spiele und listet diese auf. Auf Wunsch erhalten Sie Benachrichtigungen, falls neue Versionen verfgbar sind.

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Installing addons is very easy: the first time you start lcurse, click "Update Catalog" - this gets a list of all the available addons from

There isn't any way to remove the useless menu bar icon that I know of.

I'm also told that the Windows client by default installs an addon that mines your data and uploads it to Curse, which is unacceptable behavior, but this isn't the Windows review, so I'm not going to say any more on that point.

The first thing you notice about Curse Client is that it just doesn't look like a Mac app.

It's got these weird tabs up top with icons in them, the main icons for initiating events are unfamiliar and un-Mac-like, and it summons odd progress bars that float on top of all your other windows in the lower-right-hand corner (odd progress bar depicted at right).

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