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You should learn how to cook a three-pound Dungeness crab first." "My mentors.

Carrie Nahabedian—she is a cook's cook and was such a help to me.

Years later, looking back at those recipes, I've realized they were filled with such old-school techniques. The things he was doing when I cooked at Vong: Those flavors were so impactful. It's funny, but it's true; he was a real person making really great chicken. It doesn't need to be expensive, but it needs to be sharp. And a Microplane, because it's an easy way to grate and make things look really beautiful without doing too much to the product.

We're a couple of die-hards, so in celebration, we took it upon ourselves to rank the eight seasons.Mario was one of the chefs who inspired me to take up cooking professionally, so this is really an honor.What inspired your choice of the Dungeness Crab Pancit Palabok as the primo corso at the Birthday Bash?My inspiration for doing Dungeness Crab Pancit Palabok is honoring my heritage as a Filipino-American and trying to expose people to the beauty of Filipino cuisine.In your soon-to-be-published book, , you dive into your dual identity.

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