Daniel schutzmann dating

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He is most popular for his role as Italian football player, Salvatore Biagi, on the ITV drama, Footballers' Wives and for his current role as Marty Green on River City.

Schutzmann has also appeared in a number of episodes of the Australian soap opera Neighbours during a storyline filmed in London.

He played another footballer Pete Gartside, the boyfriend of Izzy Hoyland (played by Natalie Bassingthwaighte Recently he has appeared as a waiter in Coronation Street in scenes involving Carla Connor's hen party.

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The series was incredibly raunchy for a primetime ITV drama (how they got away with this scene is anyone's guess – EXTREMELY NSFW), and got the nation hooked over the exploits behind the scenes of Earls Park FC.

It ran for five series from 2002, and spawned an even racier spin-off , she quit the show in series 4, and it soon saw a dip in ratings because of it.

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The contents of these folders is not available and they can vary in size from hundreds of pages to only one or two.

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