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This career is – mostly – fulfilling and has given me a lot of experiences I would not otherwise have had. But it’s also a demanding lifestyle and doing it by myself can be tiring sometimes.There have been times when I wished I had a trailing spouse (or wished I WAS a trailing spouse) instead of being the one on whose shoulders everything falls. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania as a Consular Officer.It doesn’t train the embassy’s Community Liason Officers (CLOs), who organize social activities for the embassy community, on the special needs of singles; most CLOs are spouses of FSOs and therefore organize events that appeal to other spouses and families.And the Department certainly doesn’t teach singles how to handle the tough times alone. Well, let me ask the ladies a question: How you have you received an... So, as I type this, and you are now reading this, I am sitting in my living room, work clothes have been removed, there’s a delicious looking and heavenly smelling, California burrito next to my laptop, and Modern Family is playing in the background. [Bella’s intro: When I learned about Heather Steil’s writings about her experiences as a single woman in the Foreign Service, I immediately wanted to share her thoughts with Single-at-Heart readers.I was delighted when Heather agreed to write this guest post from Kabul, Afghanistan. ] Single in the Foreign Service Guest post by Heather Steil Aside from my mother, the only people who usually read my blog are other Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) and future FSOs researching the career and lifestyle.

Last week, I was honored to have been selected to speak at the Ignite San Diego event. GREAT question, and honestly, I had never even heard of these types of events before, but someone on twitter suggested I apply to present, so I looked more into it. So here’s the thing, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching at the inevitable speed of one second per second, with every second that passes by. Okay, I’m just going to admit it, and come out and say it. Let me just start off by saying this post isn’t going to be filled with earth shattering paradigm shifting ideas. What this blog IS going to be is stating the obvious, BUT it's going to be stating the obvious and backing it up with statistical data. I’m starting something new and I’m not sure if this is the best idea I’ve ever, or possible the worst idea I’ve ever had. Like they stopped responding to your text messages and that’s how you “ended it”? Here’s the punch line, here’s the question: Has anyone you’ve ever dated, just kind of disappeared? I think there are a number of single FSOs who experience some level of depression and self-medicate when they don’t have anyone to talk to.One of the nice things about serving at the Embassy in Kabul, and previously in Baghdad, is that everyone here is temporarily single and childless, living the unaccompanied life.

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