Dating a waitress

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Jenna, the quiet one, is a gifted baker trapped in a loveless, semiviolent marriage.

The current Broadway rule book apparently includes a chapter on brand discipline.Still, Bareilles, a pop star whose hits are strongly rooted in the storytelling-blues tradition, manages better than almost any recent crossover songwriter to find clever, charming hooks that tie her character- and scene-defining numbers to story particulars.The opener, “What’s Inside,” suggests the overarching pie imagery but also the musical’s theme of self-discovery.“Never Ever Getting Rid of Me,” a song for the odd little man who answers Dawn’s ad, is a showstopper for quirky Christopher Fitzgerald.Oddly, it’s only in the ballads that Bareilles’s pop background betrays her; the melodies are lovely but the construction wobbles and the lyrics revert to vague.

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