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There are a number of less common woodwind instruments (Piccolo, Cor Anglais, Bass Clarinet, Contrabassoon) which are generally taken as an additional instrument at the suggestion of an instrumental or ensemble teacher.Ensembles: All of the woodwind instruments listed above are used in concert bands and orchestras, other than saxophones not being standard orchestral instruments and recorders not being standard instruments in either.Baritone saxophones are bigger and more expensive, students will often begin by trying an instrument owned by the school.Recorders are still a popular classroom instrument and come in a range of sizes.Some school groups will accommodate saxophones in an orchestra.

Ensembles: Pianists are rarely required in instrumental ensembles.There are too many other options for culturally specific or ensemble specific percussion to mention but these two options are very common in Australian schools and well suited to individual tuition.Orchestral Percussion is suitable for children from year 3 onwards, at first this tends to focus on snare drum and glockenspiel.Trumpet/Cornet) and musicians can often transition between them without much trouble.Besides classroom percussion, the percussion family has a number of options for children.

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