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Dwelling on imperfections leads to dissatisfaction with life or existence in general. Society, it seems, can‘t understand brilliant INTJ ideas, no matter how logical and rational they might seem to the INTJ.

That makes it hard for an INTJ trying to improve a field where society dictates moral and behavioral standards.

The INTJ ability to accurately predict and plan for the future comes at a price.

INTJs usually live inside their heads, where they can manipulate scenarios, project ideas, and create contingency plans to deal with this “future.” However, it can be difficult for an INTJ to terminate the planning process in time to enjoy the present moment.

Critical comments may become increasingly common, directed at everything and everyone in the INTJ’s path.

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The primary INTJ coping mechanism for just about everything is to recoup and process by spending time alone, but in some cases, this isn’t an option.How is it that you can control other feelings and emotions, but not this?INTJ depression is somehow stronger; bigger; and it’s buried deep inside where your rational, conscious mind cannot reach it and fix it.INTJs simply see more bad things than other people, and that does nothing to promote peace of mind.INTJs (especially turbulent INTJs) are perfectionists, and (as you may have noticed) the world is far from being a perfect place.

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