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Edge Studio oversees an international team of voice over experts, who help you start, build, and grow your voice over business.To find a coach who is right for you, use the filters below to select your preferences: A leading authority on voice-over and Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, David Goldberg has cast and directed thousands of voice-over productions.She is personally interested in how advances in neuroscience affect teaching and adult learning in the arts.In addition to being an awesome voice talent and coach Danielle Quisenberry has worked on more than 100 model art projects in cooperation with the New York City Department of Education.Voice actors rely on his ability to help them find their full potential, benefiting from his perception, straight-forwardness, production savvy, and those acute ears.

Her client list includes, Aetna Insurance, America Online, Fiat, Mc Afee, Mc Donalds, People PC, Timex, Tyco Toys, Mrs.Soon after founding Edge Studio as a music-recording facility in 1988, David added spoken voice recording to its repertoire.In response to many clients asking him for voice over guidance, David wrote the first edition of the "Voice Over Technique Guidebook" in 1992.Youth Theatre, The Public Theatre, Classic Stage Company and Steps on Broadway.In addition, she has been a regular guest artist at La Guardia High School for Music, Arts and the Performing Arts, often known as the Fame school.

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