Dating confessions netscape

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She said she went to her mates house, had a few drinks, and then they went downtown to the bars.

In the first bar, she teamed up with this guy who she was attracted to and he to fancied her.

She doesn't understand why I would do this, but does not object.

We were sitting in the garden when I asked her how her night out with the girls went last week.

My wife and I have a community panty drawer where we just pick a pair and go.

But, I especially like picking a pair that she has worn out of the laundry hamper and then wearing them for a day before they are washed.

After about ten months of being friends, I moved away, and we never talked or kept in touch again.

Anyway, it's eating me alive, so I guess, for now, this is my best forum for coming clean.We expressed the love we had for each other back then and talked about what really happened. We never had the boldness to be real about our wants and were too afraid of rejection.I still do love him deeply, but I don't think we will ever be together. We also both love our spouses and children and don't want them to be affected in any way by our love for each other. I stayed up late talking to our friends while my husband went on to bed. A strange man who I didn't know had just made love to me. Also, I was never quite sure which guy I had been with since there were several unattached men.By the time I went to bed, it was late and I was quite tired.

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