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I'm planning on creating a video message for the site here, sometime in the near future.It's been difficult to think about talking about Corey, it's still a loss that's with me, and I am at a loss, for what to say.It's a damn shame to lose such a gifted, driven, talented friend so soon. Corey Rudl, a bright, talented internet marketer, and valued colleague and mentor to me for years, was killed in a race car accident on June 2nd, 2005 at am.He was in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, being driven by Benjamin Keaton.the fire in his eyes, the genuine enthusiasm about how to add value and market to people around the world online....those images are always with me, and motivated me for years.

When I can compose myself again, I'll get a message up on the site.

Update Saturday June 11th from Ken: There was a live online"Tribute to Corey" event today at 1pm EST via we'll post a link to the audio file once it is available.

Update Friday June 10th from Ken: Thanks to Derek, Jennifer, Scott and the rest of the folks at IMC for helping me out and calling me, it's much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing -- I'll pass this page link to Tracy, along with the folks at Internet Marketing Center/IMC, which Corey founded. thanks to all of you who've been sending in emails, I'm updating the site 3-4 times/day w/new emails...

(sorry I can't respond individually to each one), I'm just posting them here... as I read them, I'm reminded that it's the difference we each make in other people's lives, that matters... Emails Honoring and Celebrating Corey: Hello Ken, This is John Rudl, Corey's father.

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